Claims & Policy Directory

Old American's policies and claims are serviced by Managing General Agents (MGAs). Contact the appropriate MGA to report a new claim or inquire about an existing policy or claim. The appropriate MGA to contact can be found using our policy and claim directory, below. All you need to identify the appropriate MGA are the first few characters or digits of the policy number.

Report a claim or inquire about a policy or claim:

  1. Enter the policy number in the “Search by Policy Number” space below, including any leading alphabetic characters. As you enter the number, a list of matching contact information will be presented.
  2. Locate the correct policy information from the list provided.
  3. Select the appropriate number to contact the Managing General Agent servicing the policy:
    • For a Policy related concern, use the Policy Service Phone number.
    • For a Claim related concern, use the Claims Service Phone number.

If you are unable to locate the correct policy prefix from the list below, please contact Customer Service by email or by phone at 866-233-7091.